Island women to gather at Five Corners

Last January's women's march at Five Corners drew a large crowd. - File photo

A community women’s event is being planned for Saturday, Jan. 20, at 1 pm at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven. Though it’s billed as a women’s rally, women and men are invited to join, as they did last year.

“We’re doing this to bring women’s issues to people’s attention,” said Nicole Cabot, who put out a Facebook message about the event.

Carla Cooper, an environmental consultant from Edgartown, is attending the Island event and is helping organize the rally in Vineyard Haven.

“I am primarily marching for an end to the Trump disaster in the White House,” Ms. Cooper said. “Criminal, con man, sociopath, liar,” were all descriptors she had for President Donald Trump.

Last year, Islanders protested at Five Corners, and want to do the same once again. Islanders had many reasons for marching, including women’s rights, reproductive rights, and LGBTQ rights.

The rally is a continuation of the global movement that began one year ago with the largest national protest in United States history, the day after Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Other marches will be held throughout the country Jan. 20 and 21, according to the Women’s March global website.