REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: January 8 – 12, 2018



Jan. 8, Robert S. Dietz sold 51 Peases Point Way to Gary Jones and Stacey Snider, trustees of the Jones-Snider 1997 Trust, for $2,200,000.

Jan. 10, Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank, holder of a mortgage from Gene Laudon, sold by foreclosure deed 26 Kenasaoome Way to Sprindle City Realty LLC for $750,000.

Jan. 11, Elaine Stokes Reily sold a beach lot at Black Point to Robert M. McCarron, trustee of Hackett McLeod Nominee Trust, for $300,000.



Jan. 8, Charlotte Munroe Stetson, a/k/a Charlotte M. Stetson, trustee of Stetson Family Nominee Trust, sold 4 Armstrong Lane to Stephen and Lynn Potter for $3,140,000.

Jan. 8, William J. and Robin J. Davies sold 28 Fisherman’s Knot Rd. to Andrew Marc Rosenberg and Jenny T. Rosenberg for $1,739,000.

Jan. 9, Lisa L. Crissman, f/k/a Lisa L. Copenhaver, sold 19 Kent Harbor Rd. to Patrick J. Bowler and Eileen MacElroy for $2,295,000.

Jan. 10, Stephen C. Olsson sold 38 Old Indian Trail to Rebecca R. and David K. Acker for $700,000.

Jan. 12, Michael and Janet Cassidy sold 10 Proprietor’s Way to Matthew and Kathryn Battistella for $920,000.

Jan. 12, THC LLC sold 2 Pierce Lane to Lee S. and Julie W. Moncton, trustees of Moncton Family Trust, for $4,625,000.

Jan. 12, Scout Harbor View Properties 1 LLC sold 131 North Water St. to Harbor View Hotel Owner LLC for $30,000,000.


Oak Bluffs

Jan. 11, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 10 Paddock Rd. to FirstMVP LLC for $500,000.

Jan. 12, Randall J. and Christine J. Essex sold 25 Pacific Ave. to Mildred C. Joyner and J. Curtis Joyner for $1,066,875.

Jan. 12, George J. Umscheid, trustee of 16 Pheasant Lane Nominee Realty Trust, sold 16 Pheasant Lane to Nominee Trust Services LLC, trustees of Inkwell Realty Trust, for $350,000.



Jan. 8, Kimberly S. Mitchell sold 10 Elm St. to Erica Andrews for $550,000.

Jan. 9, Stephanie Tilton Rossi, Personal Representative of the estate of Robert Francis Tilton, a/k/a Robert F. Tilton, a/k/a Robert Tilton, sold 21 Mill House Way to Lise N. Revers, trustee of Lise N. Revers 2017 Trust, for $962,250.

Jan. 11, Mark E. and Lauren E. Rowlette sold 125 Daggett Ave. to Mariano J. Rey and Margaret Mary Hennessy for $699,900.


West Tisbury

Jan. 9, Carol Dodge Davis, Grenville M. Dodge, and Elizabeth Parker, trustees of the Parker Family Nominee Trust, sold 371 Indian Hill Rd. to Berry Indian Hill LLC for $1,840,000.

Jan. 10, Margaret H. Marshall sold 125 Middle Point Rd. to Scotia Trust LLC, f/k/a Scotia Trust LTD, trustees of Middle Point Vineyard Realty Trust, for $1,995,000.