Bedside Table: Perry Garfinkel

The books we take to bed.

Perry Garfinkel's bedside table.

Quite a while ago my bedside table had runneth over with books, which spilleth onto nearby wicker chair waiting for a raison d’être. This pile reflects my severe case of ADD. I read mostly for work-related writing projects. Thus, books on Indian cuisine for a book I’m ghosting for a famous chef in Mumbai. Books related to Gandhi for my own, hopefully, next book whose proposal is in its final stages. Books on memoir writing for a personal memoir that has been in the works for . . . well, all my life. Random books: by Philip Roth, a biography of Bob Dylan, and a few by friends (Daniel Goleman and Michael Shapiro) and “Pep Talks for Writers,” a Chanukah gift from daughter who likes to encourage me to keep doing what I (keep trying to) do.

Perry Garfinkel is a writer and former Calendar editor for The MV Times, who currently lives in Berkeley, California.

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