Coast Guard: Tug was responsible for oil spill


The U.S. Coast Guard has identified the boat responsible for last week’s oil spill in Woods Hole.

According to a press release, the Ocean King, owned by Patriot Marine, was responsible for the spill, which launched a cleanup response and killed more than 20 waterbirds, according to an earlier release.

The Coast Guard has directed Ocean King to pay the cost of the response effort and cleanup, the release states. Patriot Marine may be subject to other penalties as well.

Nathan Mendes, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, told The Times last week that mariners are responsible for reporting spills. Failure to do so can result in having to pay triple the cost of the cleanup, as well as civil penalties and possible criminal charges, he said at the time.

Any members of the public who feel they have been damaged by the spill can contact Patriot Marine.

Ocean King is a tugboat out of Winthrop, according to Patriot Marine’s website.