Edgartown: Letdown of a wild weekend


I’m writing this week in the letdown of a wild weekend. We were off-Island for most of the weekend for a dance competition, and then traveled back on Sunday in time to catch the Super Bowl. I’m exhausted, and my house represents the aftereffects of such a weekend. I usually go to great lengths to be organized by Sunday night, with the house cleaned and everything in its place. Based on what it looks like now, “its place” is the middle of the living room floor and the kitchen counter. When I start to stress about the place not being in order this week, I hope someone is around to remind me that it was all for a good cause.

The Rise Vineyard Performing Arts girls did great at the Elite Dance competition in Lowell. It was a relaxed atmosphere at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium this time around, and our girls have gotten to the age where they take care of themselves and each other for the most part, and moms are just support staff, which is probably part of the reason it felt more relaxed. The littles, of course, are just starting out, so those moms were probably a little more stressed. Our team received numerous awards, and Jil Matrisciano won a special award for her choreography for a number called “Today I Rise,” as well as the Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions Studio of Excellence Award. We always appreciate the beauty and excellence of the studio, but it’s a nice pat on the back to be recognized for it in the professional community as well. Congratulations to all involved.

Between Ash Wednesday and Easter, you are invited to the Federated Church Lent Devotional Journey. The daily devotional practice will include a scripture, reflection, contemplation, prayer for others, and a closing prayer. This practice with take place on Thursday nights at 7 pm at the Federated Church Parsonage, 75 South Water St., and Monday mornings at 10 am at the Federated Church Parish House, 45 South Summer St., between Feb. 15 and March 26. Please let them know if you will be joining them, and to arrange for a devotional booklet, by calling 508-627-4421 or emailing admin@federatedchurchmv.org.

Happy birthday wishes this week go out to Jennifer Benefit, who celebrated on Feb. 4, Debbie Grant, Jonathan Ryan, and Kevin Donovan on Feb. 6, and Rebecca Mayhew, who will celebrate on Feb. 9.

The Island Wide Youth Collaborative (IWYC) is sponsoring two screenings of the documentary “Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety” on Feb. 13 and 15 from 6 to 8 pm at the high school library. The event will feature a viewing of the 56-minute film from 6 pm until 7 pm, followed by a Q and A session led by Tricia Bennett, LMHC. The documentary provides discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, along with the help, resources, and tools available to address the condition.

The MVRHS will present “West Side Story” next week, with 7 pm shows on Feb. 15, 16, and 17, and a 2 pm matinee on Sunday, Feb. 18. Their productions are always topnotch, so don’t miss out.

I certainly would be remiss if I didn’t share some disappointment with the Patriots’ loss in the Super Bowl. I always root for our hometown favorite, and six rings sure would have been nice. But dynasties have their ups and downs, and the Pats have always recovered before. I know things are sort of up in the air for them between now and next season. Some important players may be leaving, as well as some of the coaching staff. It will be interesting to see what next year brings. In the meantime, pitchers and catchers show up next week. Spring must be on the horizon, regardless of what that rodent in Punxsutawney said last week.

I wish you all a happy and healthy week ahead.