REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: January 29 – February 2, 2018



Jan. 29, Robert B. MacDiarmid sold a lot on Meetinghouse Way to Leastway Cottage LLC for $150,000.



Feb. 1, Gregory A. Culley and Donna Bass Culley sold 443 South Rd. to 443 South Road LLC for $3,295,000.



Feb. 1, MRK Mullen Realty LLC sold 5,6,7,9 and 11 Jordan Way to Seacoast Developers LLC for $3,958,333.34.

Feb. 2, Christopher W. and Barbara T. Murphy sold 62 Clay Pit Rd. to Sarah R. Monast and Elton T. Nascimento for $555,000.

Feb. 2, Clark L. Hunter sold 29 and 40 Beach Road Ave., Chappaquiddick, to Peter M. Kumpitch, trustee of the Peter M. Kumpitch Revocable Trust – 2015, and Joan M. Kumpitch, trustee of the Joan M. Kumpitch Revocable Trust-2015, for $54,000.


Oak Bluffs

Jan. 29, Peter M. Barmakian sold his interest in 8 Old Dirt Rd. to Lee Barmakian for $78,960.

Jan. 29, Edward F. Barmakian sold his interest in 8 Old Dirt Rd. to Lee Barmakian for $117,500.

Jan. 29, Raymond F. Duarte, Jr. sold 114 Tellette St. to Ronald L. Monterosso, trustee of 114 Tellette Street Nominee Trust, for $5,500.

Jan. 29, Karen E. McLaurin and Jefferson R. Chesson sold 5 Wamsutta Ave. to Paula A. Paris and Jason A. Kean for $600,000.

Jan. 31, Primo and Mary Lombardi sold 32 Beach Rd. to Richard and Jane McNulty for $490,000.

Feb. 2, Warley A. C. Miranda sold 63 Netock Ave. to Ines Maiesky Miranda for $540,000.

Feb. 2, Michael W. and Jessica L. Pinnetti sold 20 Nunpaug St. to Avis A. Spann and Ernest Spann for $775,000.



Jan. 29, Kevin R. Voyer and Gail Voyer sold 396 Lambert’s Cove Rd. to Marcelo Santil and Elaine Barroso for $725,000.

Feb. 1, Ralph F. Aiello, trustee of Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn Realty Trust, sold 459 State Rd. to Geoghan E. Coogan for $75,000.


West Tisbury

Jan 29, Marie-Elaine A. Laroche sold 11 Mill Rd. to Shelley L. Scheuer for $1,175,000.

Jan. 31, Susan Sigel Goldsmith sold 20 Catboat Lane to Marc H. and Patricia S. Favreau for $765,000.