Real Estate Confidential: Menemsha Memories

Menemsha is always spectacular. – David Welch

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For sale on the Menemsha Inn Road. 

Some of my favorite Martha’s Vineyard memories revolve around the fishing village of Menemsha. Unfortunately I arrived a few days too late for Carly’s Lobsterville concert, but it was all anyone seemed to talk about for months. But I arrived just in time for Rick Bausman and drumming on Menemsha Beach as the sun set for yet another day.

When I think about Menemsha I include all the area that surrounds Menemsha Pond: the fishing village itself, Lobsterville, Pease’s Point, and the North Shore within walking distance. The fishing village is a perfect example of time standing still, blended with all that is new, and from shabby to chic. I have heard the meaning of Menemsha is “still water” and if you take a slow paddle from Menemsha Bight, through Menemsha Creek, Menemsha Pond, and Nashaquitsa you will get the meaning long before the end of your paddle. You might even make it to Stonewall if the water level is right. Historically, the village was known as Creekville and was just a narrow waterway, with the towns of Aquinnah and Chilmark uncertain where the bounds are to this day.

And all those memories and not in any particular order:

  • Taking all visitors on the “tour” including actually eating indoors at The Homeport.
  • Sunset dinners on the Homeport deck with a bottle of wine
  • The drive to pick up “Back Door” dinners
  • Softserve from The Galley
  • Photo class with Peter Simon on Crick Hill
  • Snacks at The Bite
  • Everett Poole’s and later on Larsen’s
  • Walking past history from fishing shacks that have remained the same for more than a century and ending at the recent addition, The Swordfish Harpooner sculpture by Jay Lagemann
  • Walking with friends, walking with my dog, walking alone
  • Movies on the beach
  • And the sunsets; always an event even without the drumming.

And you can live within walking distance of it all. Some current real estate listings can be found at Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate.

A couple of properties stand out right now. One is waterfront at 94 Menemsha Inn Road listed at $6,750,000. The property is listed by Tea Lane Associates and Flanders Real Estate. Their description really says it all: “elegant, architect-designed main house and guest quarters … steeped in privacy at the end of a picturesque Chilmark Lane.” An easy walk to village as well as a path to your 340’ beach on Vineyard Sound, and enjoy endless sunsets from most every room and patio on the property.

Next is at 508 North Road and listed at $875,000 by Flanders Real Estate. This cottage epitomizes the historic nature of Menemsha. Built in 1905 and know as Cooper Gallery, the property has been in the same family for many years and offers easy access to Menemsha Village and Beach. Spend a few hours at the beach and then stroll home with some fresh caught lobster.