Building committee decides how contractor will be picked


The Tisbury School building committee met on Monday, Feb. 12, to continue its discussions on construction management options, according to a press release from committee member Reade Milne.

The building committee continued its discussion of Design-Bid-Build (DBB) and Construction Management at Risk (CMR) options, Milne wrote. The committee was assured by its Owner’s Project Manager that the final product will be of equal high quality, regardless of the path chosen. While many building committee members felt that CMR may offer a better experience during construction, the committee voted unanimously to proceed with DBB, as this will reduce the total cost of the project by $1.8 million, she wrote. The committee recognizes the importance of balancing the needs of the school with the overall cost of the project, and feels that, in moving ahead with DBB, the committee can cut a significant figure from the budget without sacrificing the quality of the building.

The architects are working on a physical model that will be on display throughout town and at various meetings.  They are also working on renderings that will be displayed at various town locations, including the town hall, library, and senior center. The energy model is also being developed, which will provide a detailed report of the energy efficiency of the new school.

The meeting can be viewed on The next meeting will be at 5 pm in the Tisbury School library on March 12.

Visit the committee’s website at for more information.