Sixth-grader spells ‘winner’

Nick Carpenter triumphs at the Edgartown spelling bee.

Spelling bee runner up Nazare McIntosh, left, and winner Nick Carpenter. — Courtesy Gail Gardner

Edgartown School students packed the school’s gymnasium on Wednesday, Feb. 21, for the annual Edgartown School Spelling Bee, according to a press release from Erin Simmons, ELA teacher and spelling bee coordinator.

The buzzing competition consisted of 10 students, representing their homerooms, battling for the honor of competing on behalf of the Edgartown Eagles at the Island-Wide Spelling Bee.

Student competitors at the bee were Cicero Batista-Neto, Hannah Tate-Arena, Ashley Brasefield, Julia Murray, Nick Carpenter, Nolan Murphy, Eli Youmans, Syius Rivera, Reese McCraken, and Nazare McIntosh.

The bee lasted 14 spellbinding rounds, with sixth grader Nick Carpenter clinching the top spot with the 13-letter winning word “parenthetical.” Nick was the runner-up in the 2016 and 2017 spelling bees. This year, the runner-up was fourth grader Nazare Mcintosh, who “impressed the audience with her poise and skill,” according to the press release.