‘Meditation, Mindfulness, and Beyond’


Dr. Elliott Dacher will be teaching “Meditation, Mindfulness, and Beyond, at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for eight consecutive Wednesday evenings, beginning 6 to 8 pm Wednesday, March 28. According to Dr. Dacher, the focus will be on teaching the principles and practices of meditation. At the conclusion of the program, each participant will have a personal daily meditation practice and experience the results in daily life.

Meditation will assist with calming the mind, reducing mental stress, diminishing reactivity, and lessening the detrimental effects of an overactive mind. Mental calm is an important factor in well-being. But meditation has a broader intent — human flourishing. Working with the mind, we discover within a resilient and natural capacity for serenity, enduring happiness, resilient well-being, and freedom.

Over 500 Islanders have participated in this program. It is a highly recommended lifelong component of a healthy life, enhanced relationships, and psychological peace. Registration is underway now. There are a limited number of spaces. To register, go to mvhmeditation@partners.org, or call Avery at 508-957-9479.