International Women’s Day stands tall

Community members gather at Five Corners to celebrate women.


Supporters of International Women’s Day met at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven for a rally organized by the women’s committee of We Stand Together/Estamos Todos Juntos.

Despite cold temperatures and an overcast sky, women and men came out to brighten up the Vineyard Haven intersection with colorful signs asking for car honks of support.

Kaylan Look attended the event with her 1-year-old daughter Ruby, whom she called a “future leader.” Look was excited to be at the event, saying she was “here to embrace how powerful women are.”

Susanna Sturgis, an active member of the M.V. Women’s Committee and leader in organizing the standout, said it was nice to have people honk, and “not having Five Corners underwater certainly helps.”

We Stand Together has helped to put together events like the standout for the community, but has also worked in organizing similar events that coincided with the women’s march in January. Maria Black, an event producer who helped create the women’s committee, highlighted the work We Stand Together has done in lobbying for a change in Massachusetts’ child marriage laws by talking to state legislators and attending events in Boston. Current laws allow for children of any age to marry with judicial and parental consent.

Sandra Lippens expressed her admiration for events like the standout, saying more people should get on board. “I’m an old broad. I’ve been doing this [expletive] for 50 years,” she said.

Lippens voiced her disdain with President Donald Trump, labeling him the “deplorable in chief.” She said she is happy to see the grassroots movement across the country with the women’s marches and rallies, feeling a change is long overdue. “Enough is enough,” she said.