Mushroom ordeal comes to a close at West Tisbury library

Selectmen applaud Tucker Hubbell’s restoration work on bumpout.

The bumpout at the back of the West Tisbury Free Public Library that Tucker Hubbell recently restored. The many-windowed space suffered water damage and a mushroom infestation last year. — Courtesy Tucker Hubbell

At its meeting this week West Tisbury Selectmen heaped thanks on Tucker Hubbell, the contractor who led the restoration of a water-damaged and mushroom-riddled bumpout section of the West Tisbury Free Public Library.

Liability negotiations between West Tisbury, the library architect, and the library builder over the last nine months appeared on the verge of elevating to litigation at times, but as Hubbell told the selectmen after he thanked a long list of people and entities involved in the restoration process, a legal fight was avoided.

Hubbell thanked Mike Hull, Scotty Young, Pat Mitchell, Manuel Estrella III, Louis de Geofroy, Martha and Kate Hubbell (his family members), Mark Mazer and his crew, Jeremiah Miller, Foam Insulation Technology, Island Copper, Jim Airasian shingling, Tim Donald, Charlie Pacicco, and library staff.

“Lastly I would like to thank Conrad Ello of Oudens Ello Architecture, the original architect on the library project, for stepping up and acknowledging the problem and for coordinating with the original builder…to cover the cost of the repair. It is a testament to him and to our town administrator Jen Rand, town counsel Ron Rappaport, and to your board that this unfortunate situation could be resolved without resorting to legal action.”

Previous estimates to repair the damage ranged from $70,000 to $120,000, but Hubbell came in well under those figures.

“The final cost was $36,673. And I have been paid in full by Nauset, Daedalus, and Oudens Ello,” he said.

Selectmen chairman Skipper Manter thanked Hubbell on behalf of the board and pointed out that without Hubbell’s labor and advocacy, West Tisbury would have incurred sizable repair and legal costs.

Reached by telephone after the meeting, library director Beth Kramer exclaimed, “I am so happy!”