West Tisbury library repairs coming soon

Estimated cost to restore bump-out approximately $70,000 to $120,000

The bump out behind the West Tisbury Library that harbored mushrooms because of a water intrusion. A permit has been taken out to do the repairs. - Rich Saltzberg

West Tisbury selectmen learned Wednesday night that a bump-out at the back of the West Tisbury library that was previously found to be infested with mushrooms is closer to being repaired. Restoration work could begin as early as next week, selectman Kent Healy told the board. “The architect has given the facilities committee a plan of how to repair the bump-out,” Mr. Healy said.

However, after an extensive examination of the bump-out and the architect’s plan to restore it, Vineyard builder Tucker Hubbell, a former library building committee member, came up with an alternate plan, one the facilities committee seems to be onboard with, Mr Healy said.

The inner portion of the bump-out was “OK,” and the moisture intrusion that triggered the fungus growth does not seem to affect the Sheetrock, Mr. Healy said. Therefore, he doesn’t anticipate the area will need to be sealed off from the rest of the library when work begins.

Conrad Ello, a principal at Oudens Ello, the firm that designed the library, spoke to The Times via telephone, and confirmed that the work will remain on the exterior of the bump-out. “The hope is that we can just keep the work to the outside,” he said. “We’re working with the town on a fix.”

On Wednesday, he met with Mr. Hubbell and other town officials to review the repair changes Mr. Hubbell recommended, he said. Asked what the root of the problem was with the bump-out, Mr. Ello said that isn’t clear yet, but he expects that during repair work, when more material is removed, it will be easier to “diagnose” the problem.

Mr. Healy said the windows and roof leaked, and the bump-out as whole had vapor issues.

The library’s builder, Nauset Construction, originally wanted to bring a crew on-Island to fix the bump-out, but had trouble doing so, Mr. Healy said. Mr. Hubbell then offered a solution.

“Tucker has agreed to be the general contractor and work for Nauset,” Mr. Healy said.

With winter weather looming, Mr. Healy said Mr. Tucker made it clear that he would like to begin as early as the week of Nov. 13.

Mr. Healy said Nauset’s estimate for the job with an imported crew was approximately $120,000, and Mr. Hubbell’s was approximately $70,000.

“And who’s paying for it?” selectman Cynthia Mitchell asked.

“Yet to be determined,” town administrator Jennifer Rand said.

West Tisbury allocated $90,000 to pay for a bump-out fix at its last town meeting, but the selectmen’s office is holding out hope that the architect or builder or both will pony up for the repair costs.

In other business, the selectmen voted unanimously to allow the planning board access to town counsel. Ms. Rand said questions the board has for Ronald Rappaport are how to navigate what she described as a “very uncommon” Form B, and how to select a location for a cannabis-growing area for the medical marijuana facility.