Artist’s statement

From politics to portraits, Richard Limber’s art has something to say.

"Moving Pictures," acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 9 x 7 feet. —Richard Limber

Richard Limber has something to say on a lot of issues affecting the world today, and he expresses himself through art. A painter, musician, and filmmaker, Mr. Limber has been spreading his message through all of the above in the last few years. Currently, a sampling of his socially conscious visual art work can be found at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center.

Although many of the pieces are political in nature, they all exhibit an artist’s mastery of color and composition. They also invite the viewer to look closely. The people who populate Mr. Limber’s world are asking us to hear their stories.

For instance, “On Her Birthday” features a portrait of Nadia Saavedra, a young Bronx woman who was murdered by her husband after years of  domestic violence. Alongside the image Mr. Limber has written “When Marriage Turns Murderous.”

This image is part of a series that he has classified on his website as “Topical.” Others in the series include references to stories and people ripped from the headlines. For example, “Libyan Rebel” and “Radioactive Iodine” — both from 2011. In other pictures, Mr. Limber has chosen to depict those who have been publicly exposed as villains in one form or another. A picture from 2012 features an image of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak behind bars after being indicted for corruption and abuse of power.

Another portrait, which is included in the show, features the face of disgraced media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Mr. Limber’s work has commented on topics from immigration to the disparity of wealth to trophy houses to environmental issues. His exhibit will be up through April 2 at the Feldman Family Art Space at the M.V. Film Center, stop by to check out his work.