Poet’s Corner: 28 People in a Closet*

By Valerie Sonnenthal

adrenalin surges

squeezing into darkness

sweat trickles

along bulging veins

fingers reach for mine

whispering calm wanting

like a thick fog to settle

every soul from panic

stricken faces drained

of color we hold ourselves

in pitch black praying

some stiff rigid with fear

exhale is whispered

a mantra for being

out of site

fear the world beyond

our humid confines

belie eternity

raw energy

time lost for presence

always greater

than everyday

prayer caught

in the back of my throat

why am I still allowed

to swallow

* Dedicated to all those who have ever had to hide in a closet from someone with a gun.

Valerie Sonnenthal is a contributor to The MV Times, offers monthly Sound Baths, teaches MELT Method, and is working on bring Kaiut Yoga to the Vineyard.