New town hall delivered to Oak Bluffs

Workers lift the trailers that will temporarily serve as Oak Bluff's town hall. — Gabrielle Mannino

Oak Bluffs will have a new town hall in about two weeks. Even though it’s only a temporary town hall, the modular building currently being assembled across the street from the current town hall will be a much nicer place for town employees to hang their hats.

Six modules, 12 by 60 feet each, will be seamed together to form 4,200 square feet of finished office space.

Mark Gaboury, owner of North Attleboro–based Modulese, said his company has done business on the Vineyard before, but this is by far the largest project, and it presented some unique challenges. “This has been an interesting one, for sure,” he told The Times on Tuesday. “The modules were too big to come across on the ferry, so we contracted out to Tisbury Towing to take two of their barges out of New Bedford. We have four boxes on one barge and two on another. The first big storm set us back, but the second attempt went flawlessly. Packer’s are an amazing outfit, and made the passage and mobilization from New Bedford very smooth.”

The modular units were offloaded at Packer’s dock in Tisbury, and then trucked to the Oak Bluffs site. Gaboury said the narrow Island roads were an added adventure, but all went well, with the help of a State Police escort. Pictures of the move are posted on the Oak Bluffs town website.
In the coming days, Modulese crews will be connecting the sides and the roof. Gaboury said the interiors are completely finished and the electrical wiring is installed.

When complete, the building will have functioning central air conditioning and central heat, which will be a novel experience for town hall employees.

The ADA-compliant restrooms, also new ground for town hall, will arrive on Thursday.