Tisbury: The ferries are back


The ferries are back. The ferries are running smoothly. Bet you didn’t expect this news so soon. I almost expected to hear “April Fool.” What a pleasant surprise. Were you astonished at how used we have become to expecting our ferries to always be dependable? I’m sure the folks at the SSA are nearly as happy as we are.

Our granddaughters are happy with the ferry news, because they plan to come for a visit over the long weekend. They are also celebrating the fact that Rory’s hockey team won the hockey championship this year, and Fiona’s did it last year. These are heady times.

Best wishes for a rapid recovery go out to Marina Lent.

We had to get help to put back the downspout that blew off last week. Then we found that we needed more help. We had not realized that all those March winds filled the overhanging eaves with pinecones and branches as well as assorted leaves and twigs. The house almost gives the appearance of a thatched roof right now.

I hope you could delight in one of the great musical productions featuring the Island Community Chorus last weekend. We are so fortunate to have all these talented neighbors willing to share their musical talent and enrich our lives.

Did you also spare some time to enjoy the sunshine?

Don’t forget Monday Night at the Movies. This week the feature is “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. Remember? That’s at 7 pm next Monday, April 16. Cash only, $5.

We knew Featherstone has wonderful summer art camps for children. But did you know they are now offering art classes for toddlers, and a separate one for preschoolers?

All the Island libraries are offering special times for school kids during this vacation. Be sure to check them out. One offers kids the chance to make slime. (Not my personal choice.) Another has a scavenger hunt. They all have some good books and games, as well as entertaining ideas.

And while I am on the topic: Be extra alert for bikes and running children this week.

Ever wonder? What is Meals on Wheels and who gets it? How much do you pay? How often are the meals delivered? These questions will be answered by Michele Dupon of Meals on Wheels. She is the guest speaker at coffee hour on Sunday, April 15, at 11:30 am, following the morning service at the Federated Church. Ask your questions and have a cup of coffee.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out this week to Nancy Wood, who is turning 90 on Saturday. You would not believe that she is 90, but her family is having a big party to celebrate anyway.

Many happy returns to Debbie Eggers and Allan Davey on Friday. Happy birthday to Ann Lee and Mike McLaughlin on Sunday. Monday belongs to Jack Rizza and Fran Gould. Wish the best on Tuesday to Ann Maley. More birthday greetings go out to Rozetta Hughes.

Heard on Main Street: The less time I have to work with, the more things I get done.