‘Seventeen Mussels, Left Fork Style’

"17 Mussels Your Way" in the "Left Fork" style: Offshore Hop Goddess beer, kombu, linguicia, roasted garlic, Old Bay, jalapeño and lime, served with garlic bread. – Gabrielle Mannino

It’s always the right time for shellfish and this mussel recipe from executive chef Scott Ehrlich of The Dunes at the Winnetu has us drooling. It’s basically all of our favorite things presented beautifully and deliciously. Plus it actually sounds like something we could successfully recreate at home. Give it a try:

Seventeen Mussels, Left Fork Style

1 1/2 oz. carrots and onions, diced small
2 oz. linguica, sliced thin
1 oz. jalapeño, sliced
2 tsp. honey
4 oz. Offshore Hop Goddess beer
17 pieces of PEI mussels
1 oz. kombu, soaked in water, cut into thin strips
1oz. roasted whole garlic cloves
1 oz butter
1 tsp. Old Bay seasoning
1 oz. lime slices

Sauté carrots, onions, and linguica on medium high. Approximately one minute until linguica browns. Add jalapeño and honey, continue sauteeing for 30 seconds. Add beer, continue sauteeing for 30 seconds. Add remaining ingredients and cover. Cook for 1-2 minutes, or until mussels open fully. Serve with grilled baguette. Enjoy!