Many to thank for Minnesingers


To the Editor:

I want to thank everyone involved in last weekend’s Minnesinger spring shows and 50th reunion concerts: former director Bob Nute, the reunion committee, especially Esther Teves, Nancy Rogers, Hannah Marlin, Leandra Seward, Bill Smith, the Minnesinger Parents’ Group, former Minnesinger parents Annemarie Reid, Maria Sercander, Marci Nichols, alumni instrumentalists Shauna Nute, Oliver Hughes, Dorian Lopes, Molly Conole, Mitch Lowe, guest conductors Rosemarie Richard, Bob Nute, Bryan Mackenty, and Abigail Chandler, to whom I pass the baton as Minnesinger director.

As always, the Minnesinger team was integral to the success of both the winter and spring shows: Nancy Rogers, Ken Romero, Jeff Caruthers, Chelsea McCarthy, Dana Edelman, Charlie Esposito, the talented student musicians and tech crew who assisted, and the Minnesingers themselves. A huge shout-out to all the alumni who participated in the weekend’s events, and former Minnesingers and Minnesinger parents who were in the audience. As I complete my 47 years of teaching, 20 of them here at MVRHS, and my tenure as the director of the Minnesingers, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Martha’s Vineyard community for the love and support I’ve enjoyed. I look forward to enjoying the Island in my retirement and to spending time with my friends, especially those I’ve made through my association with the Minnesingers for the past 20 years.


Janis Wightman

West Tisbury


Wightman is MVRHS performing arts department coordinator and teacher, as well as Minnesinger director. –Ed.