Case closed on Tisbury School project

The final nail in the coffin for the Tisbury School project came this week.

The town of Tisbury has been notified that it will be removed from the list of schools in the Massachusetts School Building Authority capital pipeline.

The town was in line to receive $14.6 million in state funding for a proposed $46.6 million school project until town voters rejected the proposal at the polls by 21 votes. The new school was approved two weeks earlier at town meeting.

In a letter dated May 14, Mary Pichetti, director of capital planning, asked the town to sign a document stating that it understands “the town is no longer eligible for any financial assistance from the MSBA that it otherwise may have potentially received from the authority as part of the capital pipeline program for the Tisbury School.”

The town will have to start over in the process to be eligible for future funds, according to the document, which must be signed by the chairman of the board of selectmen Tristan Israel, Superintendent Matt D’Andrea, and school committee chairman Amy Houghton.

The letter comes nearly two years to the date after the MSBA’s board of directors approved the Tisbury School project to be part of the funding process for a feasibility study.

So what’s next? That’s not clear.

The school committee has requested a meeting, but there was a difference of opinion among selectmen Tuesday night about when to meet. Selectman Melinda Loberg said she wants to open the dialogue immediately, but chairman Tristan Israel said the board should discuss its position first and then meet jointly with the school committee.

“I can’t be decisive until I hear from the school committee,” Loberg said.

Israel disagreed. “I’ve heard that people want leadership. I think we ought to understand where we’re going as a board,” he said.

The school committee meets on June 5, but selectmen, who don’t meet again until June 12, made no commitment to attend that meeting.