Real Estate Transactions: May 7 – 18, 2018



May 18, Jeffrey S. McCusker and Paul T. McCusker Jr., trustees of Dorothy D. McCusker Trust, sold all their right, title, and interest in 1039 State Rd. to Dorothy May Sullivan for $8,000.



May 11, Cynthia H. Livingston sold 8 Rockrose Path and a Cygnet Beach Lot to Steven J. and Jennifer B. Goldstein for $1,540,000.



May 7, Charles F. Lombardi and Janet Lombardi sold 18 Dodgers Hole Rd. to James P. Maltese for $1,060,000.

May 7, Thomas A. Denicola Jr. and Rebecca M. Denicola sold 5 Windsor Dr. to Brian Lelio and Gina M. Lelio for $653,000.

May 7, Brian Gager sold 43 Twelfth St. South to Vitor Diego Bouzan and Sandra Bouzan for $624,000.

May 11, Jan W. Whiting, Personal Representative for the estate of Lolita Campbell Duarte, sold 20 Twentieth St. North to Douglas R. Gordon for $300,000.

May 14, Deborah A. Hall, trustee of the Sarno-Hall Martha’s Vineyard Nominee Trust, sold 98 Mattakesett Way to Timothy G. Healy and Jaimee Healy for $2,885,000.

May 17, Valley House LLC sold 12 Oyster Pond Rd. to Deborah A. Hall, trustee of the Sarno-Hall Martha’s Vineyard Nominee Trust, for $2,275,000.

May 18, Michael D. Darden, Karen R. Calmeise, Alvin H. Darden, and Truddie E. Darden sold 4 Old Purchase Way to Michael A. Fusco and Christine Quinn Fusco for $654,500.

May 18, Cynthia Perras, individually and as trustee of the Cynthia Perras Revocable Trust, sold 1 Dunham’s Path to Paul and Korrie Larkin for $800,000.


Oak Bluffs

May 7, Susan V. White sold 41 Buena Vista St. to Christine M. Gould for $695,000.

May 8, Anne M. Brownell sold 122 Dukes County Ave. to MV Taco Shack LLC for $300,000.

May 9, Kathryn M. Wolf, trustee of the Kathryn M. Wolf 2006 Revocable Agreement of Trust, sold 42 Meadow View Rd. to Benjamin G. Wolff, Melissa P. Wolff, Robert R. Wolff, and Susan C. Wolff for $850,000.

May 11, David J. and Julia S. Keefe sold an undivided 50% interest in 262 Sea View Ave. to 262View LLC for $1,350,000.

May 11, Lease LLC sold 70 Tellette St. to Robert Edward Fuller Jr. for $560,000.

May 11, David A. and Moira E. Perzanowski, trustees of the Perzanowski Realty Trust, sold 27 Eastville Ave. to Joel Louis Becker and Amy Wenkert Larson for $489,000.

May 11, Bank of New York Mellon, f.k.a. The Bank of New York, successor in interest to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Trustee for Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2005-SD2 and current holder of a mortgage from Thomas J. Giles to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., sold 11 Pondview Circle to Ramon T. Gomes Da Silva and Nataly Gomes for $583,000 by foreclosure deed.

May 14, Julie Huot sold all her right, title, and interest in 142 Tellette St. to Isabelle Morley for $50,000.

May 18, Frank L. Nasti Jr. and Sandra Nasti sold 12 Iron Hill Rd. to Troy and Rebecca Carter, trustees of the Troy & Rebecca Carter Living Trust, for $800,000.



May 8, Douglas H. and Amy H. Reece, trustees of the Reece Condo Realty Trust, sold 79 Beach Rd., Unit 23, to Hutker LLC for $340,000.

May 14, Jan W. Whiting, as Conservator of the estate of Lolita Campbell Duarte, and not individually, sold 76 Edgartown Rd. to Michael Monahan and Daniel Summers for $451,000.

May 15, Eric M. and Sarah K. Howe sold 71 Madaline Lane to Patrick Coogan and Evan Kavanaugh for $570,000.

May 17, Estherann Grace sold 190 Bernard Circle to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Inc. for $550,000.


West Tisbury

May 9, Douglas C. Chamberlain, trustee of the Ben Chase Road Realty Trust, sold 79 Merry Farm Rd. to Emily Flam and Micah Thanhauser for $1,173,200.

May 11, Mark Goldman and Meryl S. Goldman sold 315 Great Plains Rd. to Daniel C. Feeney for $667,875.