Edgartown: March to the Sea


We had a beautiful day for the annual March to the Sea last Friday afternoon. It was warm and sunny, with enough breeze to keep everyone comfortable down at the dock. Jamie Craig was the guest speaker, and any personal bias aside, I think he did a great job. He reminded the crowd that Memorial Day is not about cookouts and store sales for veterans and their families. He relayed personal stories of his own, and some of his fellow veterans, which really made an impression on the kids. I think the fact that so many of the older kids know Riley and Amelia, and the younger kids know Griffin, also made the experience very personal for the Edgartown School kids. I will say that I missed Ted Morgan at the mic. He’s given the speeches at this event for so many years. Jamie had big shoes to fill, and did a great job. Thank you to all who served.

Very belated happy birthday wishes go out to Lukas Fenske, who celebrated way back on May 20. I totally missed it that week, and then missed it for my deadline the following week. So here we are, two weeks later. Happy 16th, Lukas. I reckon we’ll see you driving soon.

Other birthday wishes this week go out to Liza Dolby on May 27, Melissa Aldeborgh and Steve Pogue on May 28, and Pat Johnson and John McCarron on May 31.

As I’m writing this, the Celtics winning season has just come to an end, losing in the seventh game to Cleveland. I’ve never been much of a TV sports fan. I grew up watching some Bruins hockey, the Olympics, and “Wide World of Sports” every Saturday night. But with a husband and daughter who are truly devoted to the sport, I’ve become a moderate fan. It has been amazing to watch this young Celtics team play so well and unexpectedly come so far. And more important, I must say these players and their coach are excellent examples of how to be and how to act. They show that one can be smart, well-spoken, and humble, and still be a great athlete.

A new baseball season is upon us. The MV Sharks play tonight, May 31, up at the high school at 6:30 pm. Go on out and take part in America’s favorite pastime. If you can’t make it on the 31st, they will be back on the field on June 2 also.

There will be a Climate Change Walk and Talk at Felix Neck on June 2 from 10 am until 11 am. The guided hike across the sanctuary will focus on climate change impacts and weather events. Ongoing projects to address the changes that are occurring will be discussed.

The Edgartown Public Library is not your mama’s library anymore. Did you know that you can check out a guitar now, just like a book, or that you can utilize their Mango Language service to learn a new language for free? They also offer story hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10:30, and kids crafts every Saturday as well. So if you haven’t been there lately, go on over and check things out, or visit their website at edgartownlibrary.org.

It’s production week this week for the Rise dancers as they head into their spring recital, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” this weekend at the PAC. The shows are at 6 pm on Saturday, June 2, and 2 pm on Sunday, June 3. I hope to see you there.

I started writing this on Sunday, and finished on Monday, Memorial Day. The parade this morning was small, but the ceremony was lovely, as always. The rain held off, which helped. The guest speaker, Bob Sparks, reminded us all how much respect has always been given to veterans until they began to return from the Vietnam War. That war was so controversial. I think things have turned back again, and the military and our veterans have regained respect, though probably not to the extent prior to the Vietnam War. I, myself, have a much different perspective now that I have a son heading in that direction. My father is a veteran, and my kids’ dad, Jamie, is a veteran, but I didn’t fully understand what serving meant until now. I always respected our veterans, but as a mom, I finally get it, if you will. I would encourage anyone who can to attend these ceremonies, both on Memorial Day and on Veteran’s Day. We are losing veterans at a rapid pace, and it means a great deal to them to have people support them all year long, but especially on those days. And if you are a veteran, join in the parades and ceremonies if you can. We all owe you all a great deal. Thank you for your service.

Have a great week. Happy June.