REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS – May 21 to May 25, 2018



May 24, Robert S. Skydell sold 16 Old Nursery Lane to Patrick Courtney for $1,000,000.

May 25, Barbara Coles Oberfest, trustee of Lot 17 Nominee Trust, sold 12 Valley Lane to Jacqueline Meyer for $651,000.


May 21, Eric L. Peters, trustee of Dayton Nominee Trust, sold 7 Baylies Way to Andrea Barmakian-Shaw and Michael Shaw for $360,800.

May 21, Amy J. Hahn sold 10 Fourteenth Street to Mariza Oliveira and Phillip Reellan Paim Oliveira for $18,000.

May 25, Paul Porter sold 9 Pradas Way to MV Land & Sea Inc. for $599,000.

Oak Bluffs

May 21, Watertower Enterprises LLC sold 55 Ocean Ave. to Robert C. Hollister and Nancy L. Hollister, trustees of the Robert & Nancy Hollister Living Trust, for $2,200,000.

May 21, Alfred E. McCooey Jr. and Marie A. McCooey, trustees of the AMM Real Estate Trust, sold 287 County Rd. to Dallas Coggins-Tuttle and Anna Coggins for $590,000.


May 21, Catherine A. Kinney sold 50 Greenwood Ave. to Peter A. McGrath and Kyra G. McGrath for $1,289,500.

May 22, Robert O. Weiner and Sherryl L. Schrader, f.k.a. Sherryl L. Weiner, trustees of the B&W Realty Trust, sold 12 Main St. to Khanh Tran and Quynh Thao Tran for $1,150,000.

May 25, Kenneth Bailey sold 34 Proprietors Way to Ronald W. Koontz,\ Jr. and Sharon Koontz for $940,000.

May 25, Pamela W. Barter, trustee of 177 Dunham Avenue Realty Trust, sold 177 Dunham Ave. to Walkiria Correa and Vitor Rangel Pina for $657,000.

May 25, Catherine Lowther, trustee of Catherine V. Lowther Living Trust, sold 28 Red Buoy Lane to Sara Belcher-Barnes and Dena Barnes for $550,000.