May 30, Amy L. Domini, trustee of Taylor Irrevocable Alimony & Family Trust, sold Lot 6, Lighthouse Road to Stanley Lim, trustee of the BLT Realty Trust, for $835,000.



June 1, Snail Road LLC and David M. Schulte sold 8 Snail Road, 14 Snail Road, and a lot on Wooton Bassett Road to Peter Flagel, trustee of Menemshovitz Realty Trust, for $15,000,000.



May 30, Thoedora A. Ellis sold 22 Plantingfield Wood Circle to Michael H. and Jacqueline L. Hennessey for $1,775,000.

May 31, Geoghan E. Coogan, Personal Representative of the estate of William T. Elbow, sold 3 Third St. North to Big Foot LLC for $610,000.

May 31, Dana L. and Sandra L. Winchester sold 15 Meshacket Road to Kathryn Doll for $700,000.

May 31, Motley Crew LLC sold 1 Field Club Drive to David Malm for $3,750,000.

May 31, Justin and Emily Melnick sold 12 Holly Bear Lane to Gerret C. Conover for $690,000.

May 31, Edward C. Spalding and Angela Capone-Spalding sold 38 Twenty First St. North to Daniel E. and Jade C. Deslauriers for $455,000.

June 1, Gregory S. Mahanna, trustee of Twenty Bold Meadow Lane Realty Trust, sold 20 Bold Meadow Lane to Timothy B. Curtin and Janemarie W. Murphy for $815,000.

June 1, Evelyn F. Macomber sold 135 The Boulevard to John D. and Lisa R. Phillips for $2,350,000.


Oak Bluffs

May 29, Charles A. Morano sold 33 Island Inn Road, Unit F22, to Rhonda Faust for $90,000.

May 30, Anne M. Brownell, trustee of CRE Realty Trust, sold 179 Circuit Avenue to Zared Shai for $600,000.

May 30, Shawn C. Thompson and Robert J. Moore sold 132 County Road to Joseph and Phoenix Rogers for $569,500.

May 31, Jan and Vera Ruud sold 21 Island Inn Road, Unit G-39, to Ursula Parrish Daniels for $156,000.

May 31, Eugene Erez sold 16 Prospect Avenue to Peter Myette and Sandra Rivera for $875,000.

June 1, John G.C. Banks, trustee of the John G.C. Banks 2010 Trust, sold 36 Pulpit Road to Kevin P. McDermott and Hillary McDermott for $850,000.



May 29, Dorothy and Duncan MacDonald sold 86 State Road to Felicia M. Zaffin for $585,400.

June 1, Johevia LLC sold 212 Skiff Avenue to Martha’s Vineyard Museum Inc. for $1,130,000.


West Tisbury

June 1, Kim Charles Rosen sold 40 Christiantown Road to Oliver P. and Emily R. Becker for $780,000.