Carry In/Carry Home posters are more than just drawings

One of the winning entries in the Friends of Sengekontacket Carry In/Carry Home contest. -Lucas Thors
Edgartown students hold up their winning posters in the Friends of Sengekontacket Carry In/Carry Out contest.

The Friends of Sengekontacket recognized the winners of the Edgartown 2018 “Carry In/Carry Home” poster contest Friday.

The contest highlighted the talent and ecological awareness of the 45 sixth through eighth grade winners Islandwide, one poster for each of the 45 entryways to State Beach.

“As residents of Martha’s Vineyard, these kids are the stewards of the Island,” said Edgartown science teacher David Faber. “It is up to them to make sure those who visit the Island respect its beaches and help preserve the natural landscapes.”

Judges of the contest and Friends of Sengekontacket members Olga Church and Chick Stapleton said they were especially impressed by the underlying messages of this year’s winning posters.

“Each of the posters convey a message of sustainability and conservation,” said Church. “They hold a lot of significance to the students.”

Church explained the responsibility of the students to maintain their home and have pride in the many unique ecosystems all over the Island. “When we leave, they are the ones who inherit the entire Island,” said Church.

This year, in particular, the students’ posters reflected a deep awareness of the frailty of State Beach, as well as the vulnerability of all the animals and plants that live there.

Kaleb Hatt, an Edgartown eighth grader, said he is proud to have won the poster contest for the third year in a row. “Each year I have done a different animal,” said Kaleb. “My first year I drew a cormorant with plastic around its neck. Last year I drew a whale with rope around its tail so it couldn’t swim well. This year, I did a plover next to a soda can.”

Kaleb expressed his concern for the wildlife of Martha’s Vineyard. “If we keep littering, animals will begin to die at a higher rate,” said Kaleb.

The FOS recently changed the name of the contest from “Carry In/Carry Out” to “Carry In/Carry Home.” Stapleton said the reason for this change was that people would leave their trash at the entryways of the beach, instead of heeding the actual intention of the posters. “It wasn’t getting any better,” said Stapleton. “That’s why we changed it — to urge people to take their trash home instead of just carrying it off the beach.”

The Friends of Sengekontacket will announce the winners of the Oak Bluffs poster contest on Friday, June 15, at 8:30 am.