Work out fence issues


To the Editor:

It is not too late to acknowledge your mistake and tone-deafness and take down the fencing at Trade Winds!

You would be appreciated by so many for being truly responsive to the community you serve. The fix could not be more simple.

After being the most used and best doggy and human social place on the Island, it has begun to feel like divided Berlin. Don’t fence us in! We are all environmentalists here, and we want to preserve this treasured place for many generations to come, but your current plan is overkill. We are all on the same side. Can’t we just work this out? Please don’t ignore the advisory board and the petition signed by 300 Land Bank supporters. Give us back the natural expanse of our open land to enjoy responsibly with our doggy friends!

Enabling access to enjoy the land is as much a part of your mission as preservation!

Floyd and Daisy Lifton, and Blue
Oak Bluffs