Poet’s Corner: Cape Cod Coastline

By Liz Splittgerber

As I cross the open water

To taste a bit more land

I’m in search of the “Dover” coastline

That other strip of sand

I left from Martha’s Vineyard

In the early light of day

I was glad to board the ferry

And was soon upon my way

The ferry kept on pushing

Through the water deep and blue

It made its turns, then straightened

Bringing the coastline into view

Long and wispy it seemed

Like a thin white stroke of paint

Homes and inns dotted along it

So curious and quaint

In winter there’s a quiet

Cape Cod is in its sleep

In summer it’s alive

Many homes earning their keep

The boat swings in closer now

And I’m awed by what I see

Historic estates resting high

Above any rough wave’s reach —

Like the Nobska Lighthouse on the point

That faces the morning sun

It’s awash with light and as the boat passes by

It signals my ocean journey is done


Born in Newburyport, and a longtime resident of upstate New York, Liz Splittgerber is a new resident of Vineyard Haven, mom to three school-age children, and wife of the Rev. Matthew Splittgerber.