Doing the right thing with a lost ring

The gold ring that David Richardson, owner of Tony's Market in Oak Bluffs, found in his store under a cooler has distinct engravings on the side and monogrammed initials on the front. — Courtesy David Richardson

Dave Richardson, owner of Tony’s Market in Oak Bluffs, recently found a gold ring under a two-door freezer just a few feet from the cash register.

The freezer, which didn’t move from its spot for 20 years, was being replaced by a larger freezer when one of the movers found the ring.

“We needed to get the old freezer out and the new freezer in,” said Richardson. “One of the men that was helping me showed me a nice 14 karat gold, men’s monogram ring.”

Richardson told the Times a story about when he graduated high school and his grandmother gave him a silver ring. “I was kayaking in a fast-moving river and somehow, it slowly slipped off of my finger,” said Richardson.

Richardson wishes he had it returned.

“And that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m sure whoever lost this ring would love to have it back. I’m just trying to do the right thing,” said Richardson.

According to Richardson, the ring is worn, but still in fairly good condition. He brought it to multiple jewelry stores where he had jewelers inspect the ring and try to identify the monogrammed initials on the front. “If someone lost their ring and they can tell me the initials on the front, then they have a nice ring again,” said Richardson.

He also said this is far from the first miscellaneous item he has found lying under freezers and display cases. “I’ve never moved anything in the store without finding some money or something under it,” said Richardson.

To contact Richardson about the ring, call 508-566-0149.