Gas station pumps up construction


Construction of a gas station off Barnes Road in the Airport Business park is moving along after several delays on the project.

Louis Paciello, owner of Depot Market in Edgartown and the soon-to-be-Shell gas station at the business park, said he was “excited” to get the gas station up and running for customers.

Paciello is building the new Depot Market after winning a bid last year, outbidding previous gas station owner Michael Rotondo. Rotondo was given the option to tear down his gas station — which he did — giving Paciello a blank slate to build on.

“The project’s going along. A little slower than I thought, but it’s going,” Paciello said.

Paciello cited a busy economy and permitting issues as the main factors behind the delay. He had planned for a July 1 opening, but says the project is about three-fourths completed, and he is now planning for an opening sometime in August.

Once the underground work with the piping is finished, the area will be backfilled with dirt, then concrete will be poured on top.

One issue Paciello has run into is what to do with his building space. The building currently stands at 2,000 square feet, for which it was approved, but the square-footage limit for a convenience store is only 500 square feet, so Paciello said he is brainstorming ideas for what to do with the extra space. “We’ll go back and see what we can do,” he said.


  1. I miss the car wash and oil change. Just another gas station now. I don’t need a bigger convenience store. Jim’s and Bettencourts won my business, post tear down.

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