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The front of the stone house.

Weekly chit-chat about new listings, sales or other insider info on the Martha’s Vineyard real estate market, by Fred Roven, Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents, appears each Friday in The Minute.

I almost broke into song here with “On the Street Where you Live” (millennials, ask your parents, or click here) where “you” is a house I previewed this week. Seems like I spend a lot of time on New Lane in West Tisbury. It is the route I use for the winter entrance to Long Point Beach (my favorite), a back road to good friends and their neighbors (recent clients), access to my dog Nico’s favorite hiking trails and beach at Sepiessa on Tisbury Great Pond, a short ride to a friend’s horse farm, plus access to Crow Hollow Farm and its path to the Pond.

And even more: My favorite lunch and store for last minute needs a is short bike or walk away at Alleys and 7a, close to the newly completed bike trail in West Tisbury, plus bike trail access to the State Forest and all three down-Island towns. And midway between Aquinnah and Edgartown.

What has me reeling is my reaction to the home at 57 New Lane in West Tisbury. It somehow feels perfect in every way. The home and property were the creation and fabrication of a local stone mason. Just driving through the granite pillars and taking in this masterpiece of stone, wood and the environment, I knew I had entered a property I could love.

There is stone “happening” everywhere. I truly hope you will view the slide presentation with house and property photos. There is a stone guest house that remains cool all summer that could be an office or studio. The garage is yet another pure work of art and imagination.

A stone sculpture that reminded me immediately of Stonehenge and I believe was the access to the firepit (yes, stone), several other stone sculptures, and the most artistic piece of all, a granite and mahogany detached shower with high pressure shower head one can only dream about attached to, of course, a granite pillar. Although very austere, the patio is very striking with its huge slabs of granite, granite flower beds, granite table and large slabs of sculptured rock as lawn art.

The main house is a story unto itself. The listing describes it as European inspired style and I would go more for Italianate colonial with a contemporary southwestern flair. A light beige concrete look finish with windows set off with dark brown trim, the home sits in the middle of 2 manicured acres and is nothing short of breath taking. I have often said that a buyer knows if a home is right as you walk up to the front door and enter. What a surprise to be greeted by a high center ceiling of a pickled hemlock of a post and beam frame, a main level that has some partial walls mostly stone and stone fireplaces but feels like one large open space, and a second floor master bedroom suite with the first bathroom ever I am using in a slide presentation.

I am not sure the number of bedrooms or the unique HVAC systems including heat, cool and air filtration are important when it comes to the piece of art that is the property at 57 New Lane and priced at $1,675,000. This price indicates to me a seller ready to move on. As a Buyer’s Agent, I do not often or ever say a property is priced at or below market value. It would not be possible to recreate what is already here for under $2,000,000.

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