Tisbury park and ride kiosk is up and running

A new kiosk system has been installed at the park and ride lot in Tisbury. - Gabrielle Mannino

Commuters and daily users of the park and ride lot off State Road in Tisbury can still park for free, but a new kiosk system will help the town better regulate those parking in the lot for extended periods.

“One thing I do realize is there are people who didn’t realize they have to pay beyond four days in the lot,” DPW director Ray Tattersall told The Times. “I had to educate people.”

The fee beyond four days is $2 per day.

Tattersall said he explained to customers that it’s up to the town to pay for the upkeep of the parking area, including paving and signs.

To pay for parking, the customer presses the start button on the kiosk, puts in a vehicle plate number (yes, you need to know your plate number), puts in a credit card, and it automatically defaults to five days or $10, Tattersall said. You can then add to that total if you’re parking for a longer period of time, he said.

“The kiosk is very easy to use,” he said.

A parking lot user who asked that his name not be used said the signs are confusing and don’t say how the lot will be patrolled. The signs also point to an app, but don’t say if it’s in use.

An online component to the system has had some glitches, but eventually a customer whose ferry is delayed or who is delayed on a trip will be able to add time once the initial days have run out by using the online feature, Tattersall said.

The reason license plate numbers are necessary is that police will have a scanner tool, which will tell them if the plate has been in the lot beyond its paid time. That will trigger a parking ticket, Tattersall said.

New fees for commercial parking also went into effect July 1, Tattersall said. Those areas are clearly marked in the lot and there are signs everywhere, he said. “It’s pretty self explanatory. If you don’t have a permit, don’t park there.”

One thing that’s not on the signs is that parking for up to four days is free. Tattersall said he will rectify that. He noted that there is a large demand for the free daily parking, so he will reconfigure one of the lanes.

“It’s surprising how many commuters use that lot,” he said.

The customer who wrote to The Times questioned starting it now as the Island enters its busiest time of year.