Troubadours and trobairitz at West Tisbury library


The West Tisbury library hosts the eighth “The World of the Troubadours and Trobairitz” on Sunday, July 15, at 3 pm. This event features poems, songs, and music from a collection of 12th and 13th-century poems from Southern France.

Island residents Jenny Allen, John Alley, Christopher Carrick, Jeanette Deemestére, Kanta Lipsky, Hunter Moorman, Arnie Reisman, Susanna Sturgis, and Gaston Vadasz will recite and enact the poems in English. After their rendition in English, each poem will be sung in the original Occitan language by soprano Shannon Rose McAuliffe and tenor Daniel Gosten. They will be accompanied by Richard Maloney on the lute, Jan Elliott and Edward Merck on recorders, and Lisa Esperson, percussion and tambourine.

This event is free and open to the public.