Popcorn Town


It’s a salt water, sea
Water, popcorn town
Where the carousel music goes
Around and around
And the horses fly free.
To the karaoke’s tide.
Someone grabs the gold ring
To win another ride.

A salty, buttery odor
Permeates the air —
Lobster rolls and fried clams
And pizza everywhere.
Mom and Pop and children,
Still sandy from the shore,
Lick giant ice cream cones
That dribble on the floor

Boats of people party
Along the harborside
Others jam the shops
To browse and then decide
On souvenirs for family or
What to bring a friend.
Instead they buy a T shirt
That sports an island trend.

The ferry line twists long
As people end their stay
But a boatload more of people
Have come to have their day.
This isn’t a “resort,”
It’s a family destination,
It’s a little popcorn town,
Best place for a vacation.

Barbara Peckham has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2001. A retired teacher, in 2011 she published a book of poetry, “A Jar of Summer.”