West Tisbury: Ice cream month


What a spectacular weekend. After endless days of enervating heat and humidity, Saturday and Sunday were perfect summer days. Several people I spoke with wished it would go on forever, with rain only at night. Mike and I walked down along the pond with Nanuk. She went for a swim, and I waded along the shore. There were lots of people out in boats, no one else tramping along the shore, so we had our walk to ourselves until the end, when we met a nice couple with their dog.

The cut appears almost closed in, although it was only just opened. A light breeze prevented the sun from feeling too hot, and I came home with a little color, feeling quite pleased to have rosy cheeks and arms.

Last week’s New York Times had an article about July being National Ice Cream Month. I intend to do my part supporting ice cream by eating it every day, and hope everyone reading this does, too.

Don’t forget the party for Ellen Reynolds’ retirement will be held this Friday, July 13, from 1 to 3 pm at the Howes House. There will be light refreshments served. Please come to wish Ellen well as she transitions from her many years at the Council on Aging into her new, less structured life.

Betty and Bill Haynes have had company this past week, longtime friends the Richies. They were leaving on Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday, Betty’s brother and sister-in-law arrive for a few days. I have already forgotten who Betty said was arriving next, but it sounds as though they will have a busy July, and then start getting ready for the fair. That’s our Vineyard summer.

We had a nice surprise. I had posted my upcoming gallery opening on Facebook, and Buffie Weber saw it and made a plan. She flew from Chapel Hill to Maine, where her mother was visiting Buffie’s brother, Rob Stevens. Longtime readers of this column have heard about my beloved Dorothy Barthelmes for many years. Rob drove Dorothy and Buffie to Woods Hole to catch the ferry and be met by our cousin, Hannah Beecher, to surprise me at my opening Sunday afternoon.

Alas, they arrived too late. But they are here, staying at the Slocum House with Hannah. We have already spoken, and they will be here to see the gallery and stay for dinner later. And lots of conversation. I can’t wait to see them.

Dorothy hasn’t been to the Vineyard in a couple of years. She was Aunt Janice Hull’s dearest friend from their days as young mothers in Worcester in the 1950s. Dorothy used to sail to the Vineyard to visit Janice, and has continued coming after Janice died, for many years with her husband, Bob Henry. After Bob died, she came still, with Buffie and Robert and Robert’s wife Allison, all to meet at the Slocum House. We had wonderful annual reunions. What a treat to have them again.

I was able to attend Nancy Cramer’s artist’s reception at the library last Saturday afternoon. It was/is drop-dead gorgeous. Nancy is exhibiting her tapestry weavings and works on paper that she began making this past year. They are made of beads sewn to paper in the most intricate, swirly patterns. Hard to explain, but striking to look at. They will be on view in the Program Room through the month.

The Martha’s Vineyard 2018 Authors’ Series begins this Sunday, July 15, 7:30 pm, at the Chilmark Community Center. The leadoff speaker is Lawrence O’Donnell, who will speak about “Playing With Fire,” his latest book about “the 1968 presidential election, where nothing went according to script,” in his own words. For tickets: bpt.me. For more information about upcoming authors and events, look at the website, mvbookfestival.com.

At the West Tisbury library this week:

Saturday, July 14, 10 am to noon, a special family craft. Build and launch your own rockets on the Children’s Room porch. At 11 am, life coach Jennifer Knight will lead a creative program for mothers. Sign-up is required. Herb Foster will speak and read from his new book, “Ghetto to Ghetto: Yiddish & Jive in Everyday Life,” at 4 pm. There will be books available for purchase and signing.

Sunday, July 15, 3 pm, “The World of Troubadours and Trobairitz,” a program of poems, songs, and music from a collection of 12th and 13th century poems from Southern France. Performers will be some of the Vineyard’s best local actors, singers, poets, and musicians.

Monday, July 16, 11:30 am, Kanta Lipsky will lead her Balance Workshop, using techniques of Chi Kung, yoga, and breath. Monday Night Movies welcomes families and young adults for free movies and popcorn. At 7 pm, a Lego robotics workshop for kids ages 8 to 12 years old. Sign-up is required.

Tuesday, July 17, noon to 1 pm, IGI will serve a free community lunch, served on the Children’s Room porch. All are welcome. IGI lunches will continue through the summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At 5 pm, Max Skjöldebrand will read from his new book, “A Tale of Two Theaters,” about the restoration of the iconic Capawock and Strand theaters. Books will be available. From 6 to 8 pm, Josh Aronie’s Food Truck will serve outside the Grange Hall before Siren Mayhew’s free concert, which begins at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday, July 18, 4:30 pm, architect Bruce MacNelly will present “Making Place: Boundary and Threshold.”

Thursday, July 19, at 5 pm, Davis Rhoderick and Molly Sturges will play piano duets and dances from medieval to waltzes to the modern “Jamaican Rumba.”

The summer is already off to a hectic start. A bit of advice: Do try to make time for that walk along the beach or an afternoon swim, whatever makes you feel nourished, rejuvenated, whatever makes you happy. That beach walk last Sunday was so lovely. I don’t take enough time off to do those things. Many of us don’t in the summer when there is so much else to do. Summer just rushes by in a tumult of guests and work and things to do. So just do it, and take some time for yourself. I know it’s hard.