Man on the street at the Tisbury Street Fair



This past Sunday night, Tisbury hosted its annual Street Fair. There was an unseasonable chill in the air, and many observed that the throngs were down a bit. Nonetheless, revelers were having a joyous time enjoying the various vendors, music, and entertainment.

My personal highlight was running into West Tisbury resident Daniel Waters, who was toting around some fancy photo equipment. After we noted that we use the same exact Canon lens, he made a point of telling me he only shoots with black-and-white film. That raised the question, “Why?” He explained, “This summer I am shooting hundreds of rolls of black-and-white film, trying to leave a permanent record of our time, when almost everybody is shooting digital. A century from now my negatives may be dusty or faded, but most photos stored on cell phones and hard drives will have vanished completely.” Hmm … I never even considered that!