Tisbury: Storms, schooners, and surgeons


Heard on Main Street: Have you read your car lately? One or two bumper stickers can tell a lot about the person who owns the car. But many more only suggest that the owner is not sure who he is.

This evening, Thursday, July 19, you can learn more about Vineyard Haven Harbor, which once served the tens of thousands of ships that passed through Vineyard Sound each year. Our harbor was a way station on one of the busiest waterways on earth. It offered refuge, resupply, and recreation to ships traveling from Havana to Halifax and points beyond. Bow Van Riper will tell a story of storms, schooners, surgeons, seagoing preachers, and John Paul Jones. Bow is the research librarian at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Cost $12, $8 members; 5:30 pm at the Morgan Learning Center, 110 Main St., Tisbury.

The Tisbury Senior Center has a Friends group, but now it needs some new members. They host three fun special events, not time-consuming for volunteers, during the year. The Friends created the gardens and flowers that make the Senior Center so attractive and welcoming. A few of the older members have “aged” out of the group. If you want to know more, call Sandy at 508-696-4205.

I don’t appreciate candidates cluttering the countryside for elections that don’t happen for months. I expect they are running in the state primaries held in September. One man had posters up in early June. I admit it kept me looking for whoever is running against him so I could decide how to vote.

It seems funny for me to say that I just enjoyed a long batch of photographs a young friend took on her recent trip to Bermuda with her husband and toddler son. I used to groan when someone would invite us to see slides of their trip to Rome or Peru. Perhaps it is just a sign of age.

Fresh ripe blueberries in about every form you can imagine will be offered on Saturday, July 21, from noon to 4 pm at the West Tisbury Congregational Church. I look forward to the blueberry and peach cobbler, though you may prefer the blueberry smoothies, or sundaes and jams. A blueberry bush will also be raffled off, and even delivered to the winner. This Blueberry Fest runs rain or shine; indoors in case of rain.

Years ago a young visitor asked if the anchor holding our floating island ever got moved by stormy ocean tides. Somehow that does not seem nearly so funny now.

It seems as if we actually have more cars than people on the roads here in summer. It is a wonder any more cars can fit. It can’t just be visitors causing the long lines of cars joining me in the wait for the drawbridge. Now I wonder if we need to question whether there is a limit of how many cars and big heavy trucks our Island can take before it begins to sink?

The Metropolitan Opera returns this weekend, July 22, at 1 pm on Sundays at the Capawock. Be sure to get there a little early. Cost is $15 for tickets, $12 members, available at mvfilmsociety.com or the Film Center.

Enjoy seven singers, four pianists, and one impresario as they present favorites from opera and Broadway. All the performers are graciously donating their time and talent so all of the evening’s proceeds directly benefit the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society. These folks provide wonderful instruments to teach music to our talented Island children. Tickets and more at mvcms.org; $25 tickets also available for cash at the door on Sunday evening, July 22, at 7 pm at the Old Whaling Church.

Happy anniversary to Eric and Susan Lopes on Sunday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Linda Kurth. Wish a very happy birthday next Wednesday to Thomas E. Colligan.

Heard on Main Street: Every girl deserves a guy who will mess up her lipstick but not her mascara …