Kneeling as an Offense


Kneeling used to be considered

through the ages as an act

of respect and reverence

as far back as memory goes.

Now the act of kneeling

can cost you your job and get you

disinvited from the White House

of the Orange Emperor, who can

only appreciate people kneeling to him!

Kneeling to Right and Justice

seems an affront to him.

But don’t feel sad:

Instead of the White House,

you can still

visit the Statue of Liberty!

Brigitte Lent writes: “I was born in the great year 1933 in Germany; got a good eye- and earful of Nazism and the war; came to the U.S.; had a ball translating all sorts of stuff for the late Department of State; got tired and came here expecting peace, but found it’s not all that different: still the same old world. Can you stop it so I can get off?”