Grateful for community support


To the Editor:

On July 19, the car I was driving in Chilmark heading up-Island drifted right, hit a large rock, skidded, and rolled over. Fortunately, I was alone in the car and did not hit another person or person’s property. After the car rolled over, it seemed like the whole Island was poised to rescue me. Starting with two very strong men who lifted me out of the car and got me safely settled off the roadway, someone used their towel to wrap my bloody arm, others gave me water, and a nurse on her way home from hospital duty stopped to give aid. The Chilmark police and the Tri-Town EMS were quickly on the scene, as was a friend from the Aquinnah Police to restore order, check my vital signs, and secure me in the ambulance. At the hospital, from emergency room treatment to surgery and recovery, staff were fully attentive and highly skilled. I came home after 24 hours, and am on my way back to normalcy. Friends are providing unlimited support. Other than a bad cut on my arm, I am intact and fortunate to be alive.

I am writing this letter to say THANK YOU to the many who saved and comforted me. Martha’s Vineyard is a special place in so many ways. The coalescing of the community in this particular instance of need was in one sense extraordinary and at the same time not atypical of normal Vineyard operation.

James Pickman