Bunny and owner reunited

Amber Willoughby, left, and Tisbury animal control officer Laurie Clements hold Pika the rabbit. — Courtesy Chris Cimeno

The rabbit recovered by Tisbury Police Wednesday from Leland Avenue was returned to his owner Thursday afternoon by Tisbury Animal Control Officer Laurie Clements. Clements collected the rabbit, whose real name is Pika, from Tisbury Police Wednesday afternoon. At about 3 pm the next day, Amber Willoughby retrieved Pika after recognizing him from a Times article seeking to locate his owner, Clements said.

She was “very happy,” Clements said.

Pika was purchased at Little Leona’s in West Tisbury in 2016, Clements said she was told. The bunny became lost Wednesday when he left Willoughby’s yard after a family member let him out to graze on the lawn, Clements said.

Pika departed Tisbury animal control with a bag of organic carrots purchased for him by the Tisbury Police, she said.