Hinckley’s property sold to new owner

The land where Hinkley's hardware in Vineyard Haven is located has been sold.

The Vineyard Haven property where H.N. Hinckley & Sons, known simply as Hinkley’s to most Islanders, has a new owner.

Larkin and Grace Reeves of the Larkin B. Reeves Family Trust purchased the property, which includes four commercial buildings, for $2.3 million on July 31, according to records. The 1.61 acres of property is located on the south side of Beach Road.

The land and buildings are currently assessed at $2.5 million, according to the Tisbury assessors’ records.

Larkin Reeves told The Times in a phone conversation he was feeling good about the purchase. “We saw an opportunity, and tried to take advantage of it,” he said. “It’s a work in progress.”

Not wanting to comment much, Reeves did say one objective of the purchase was to keep the longtime hardware store open. “It’s been a landmark and it’s been here for a long time,” he said. “It was a win for both of us.”

At the store Wednesday, it was business as usual. A clerk at the store referred questions to Wayne Guyther, the property’s previous owner. Guyther could not be immediately reached for comment.


  1. People are always telling us how kind and tight knit the MV community is. That same group stiffed Hinkley with 1 mm of receivables he will never collect and ushered in his demise. Guyther lacked good judgment but his kindness was used as weakness. Those contractors are still on the island.

  2. Guyther used poor judgment in allowing receivables, but many in the community stiffed him for 1 mm dollars and ushered in his demise. Some of these people are still here. Just one in many pathologies on MV.

    • Are you just repeating yourself? What is it you are trying to say? It’s not clear from your comments. “just one in many pathologies on MV”? I don’t think those words, in that order mean what you think they do.

  3. Andrew is right. Guyther got stiffed by not one but many contractors on our beloved island. There is an element of “take” on this island that is disgusting. I wish that list of receivables would be published and scarlet letters assigned to those who screwed him over.

    • Yeah, sort of like the old “bad check roster” some establishments used to display (before we got all correct and fuzzy).

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