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Register today for fall courses and workshops.

With fall fast approaching and the summer grind winding down, it’s time to catch your breath and think about the future. Fortify your mind during the long months ahead, and continue your education and professional development without having to leave the Island, by taking a class with ACE MV.

ACE MV’s 2018–19 course schedule is now available online at acemv.org, and registration for our fall classes is open. Register today.

Our first classes of the year include “Surfcasting” with instructor Janet Messineo, starting August 31, followed by “Writing Island Histories” with instructor Thomas Dresser, and “Our Island’s Geology” with instructor Doug Cooper. As part of our geology course, Doug will be taking participants to places like Lucy Vincent Beach, Katama Fields, and spots on the north shore.

We have many new and exciting programs coming up in 2018–19 for everyone. Some of our new classes include our “One-Year Business Administration Program: It’s designed to introduce students to a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and how they interconnect. Students will participate in 60 hours of instruction over the course of one academic year. Students are invited to take an individual course or our entire suite of courses for a reduced rate. Courses include “Introduction to Business,” “Principles of Management,” “Introduction to Marketing,” “Technology for Business,” and “Basic Accounting and Finance.” This program, as well as our redesigned “Bookkeeping and QuickBooks” and “Adobe Photoshop for Beginners” workshops, offer exciting new teachers. Linda Habekost will teach this year’s “QuickBooks”; she will be moonlighting with us from Beetlebung Tree Care, and Dan Cooney is a celebrated graphic novelist working on the second installment of his “Tommy Gun Dolls” trilogy, and will be teaching “Adobe Photoshop.”

We are pleased to welcome Teri Culletto from the Village Baker, who will be teaching a new baking class, “Le Compagnon: Popovers, Croissants, & Baguettes.We look forward to sampling some of her delicious treats!

ACE MV will also be starting another “Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching” in partnership with Fitchburg State University, starting in January 2019. Building off the success of our first M.Ed. program, this enhanced program will offer teachers on the Island an opportunity to earn their M.Ed. and pursue their professional license to teach. All interested applicants should call ACE MV for more details on how to apply.

To register, please visit us online at acemv.org, or call 508-693-9222. Some of our 2018–19 classes are below:


For full class descriptions, times and dates, and to register, please visit acemv.org.

NEW ONE-YEAR Business Administration Program

Take one class, or all six in this sequenced program for a reduced rate.


  • Introduction to Business: Strategy, Implementation, & Execution.

     Instructor: Norman Werthwein & SCORE

  • Principles of Management

     Instructor: Prof. Aline Wolff, Ph.D.

  • Introduction to Marketing

     Instructor: Garrett Burt, account  

     executive, Martha’s Vineyard Gazette

  • Technology for Business

     Instructor: Erika Berg, computer    


  • Accounting: Intro to Bookkeeping & QuickBooks

     Instructor: Linda Habekost, accounts        

     manager, Beetlebung Tree Care

  • Introduction to Finance

     Instructor: TBA




  • 2-year M.Ed. Program in Curriculum and Teaching with Fitchburg State University

Call 508-693-9222 to begin the application process.

  • 10 Strategies to Student Independence: Includes special needs recertification requirement.

1 graduate credit/22.5 PDPs
Instructor: Suzanne Alberich, M.Ed.


Island Living and Food


  • Canning & Preserving Tomatoes & Jams

      Instructor: Alice Robinson

  • Le Compagnon; Popovers, Croissants, & Baguettes

      Instructor: Teri Culletto, the Village Baker

  • Surfcasting

      Instructor: Janet Messineo

  • Our Island’s Geology

      Instructor: Doug Cooper

  • Writing Island Histories

     Instructor: Thomas Dresser




  • 2A/1C Hoisting Engineering License

     Instructor: Dan Eaton, State Police CDL    


  • Class A Commercial Drivers License

     Instructor: Dan Eaton, State Police CDL    


  • Fertilizer & Pesticide Applicators License

     Instructors: Mary Owen, UMass, and Gabi   

     Salkosky, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension


Computer Technology


  • Introduction to SketchUp: 3D Modeling for Architects, Landscapers, & Interior Designers

        Instructor: Elsbeth Todd, M.Ed.    

  • Diagnosing & Maintaining Your PC; Two-Day Workshop

        Instructor: Erika Berg, computer   


  • Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

        Instructor: Dan Cooney, graphic novelist


World Languages


  • Conversational Portuguese

         Instructor: Robert Ribiero

  • Conversational Spanish

        Instructor: Lorena Crespo




  • Creative Nonfiction

         Instructor: C.K. Wolfson, writer, author

  • Writing for Children

         Instructor: Kate Feiffer, writer & children’s      



Earn Your High School Equivalency


  • HiSET Exam Prep and Adult Basic Education

         Instructors: Alexandra Dvorectkova, Erin      


         Adviser: Sidney Morris