Tisbury: Pancakes for MV Cancer Support Group


Heard on Main Street: Friends are like balloons — once you let them go, you might not get them back.

This week we got lucky. We were delighted to hear from Maura and Arn Ziemian when they returned to the Island for a wedding this week. Somehow we had lost touch, so it feels like a very special chance to reconnect and share some wonderful memories.

Enjoy blueberry pancakes and benefit the M.V. Cancer Support Group on Sunday, August 26, at the Federated Church parish house from 8:30 to 10:30 am. Blueberry pancakes and syrup, bacon or sausage, and a beverage will cost $10 for adult, $5 for child, and $25 for family with children. All are welcome.

It is not unusual to see fish parts in the water near where there are fishermen. Perhaps they clean the fish before they take it home. I worry that it is food which attracts predators. It is not unusual to see fish parts floating in the water at Eastville Beach. Be sure to pay attention to what is in the water where you swim. And also be aware of what could be nearby.

Just over a week ago a Tisbury fisherman was surfcasting. He fought a big fish for quite a while, enjoying the battle. He’s not the guy you saw in the papers. But as this man was finally reeling in the fish, he was startled when a shark bit the fish off the line. This was just over a week ago, at Eastville Beach. Be cautious wherever you swim.

Like so many of our neighbors, we have been enjoying guests this month. Our delightful granddaughters arrived, excited to be here for the fair. They manage to find things at the fair that I never even noticed. It is always a treat to have them with us.

I discovered something unusual on my cell phone last Sunday. The girls were planning to go to the fair, so I pushed the button for the weather report. It very clearly said to expect rain at 3:45 pm. I never had such a specific weather forecast, but it did turn out the timing was right for just a few light sprinkles.

We also received a special gift. Our daughter-in-law celebrated her 50th birthday this summer. Her friends gave her what can only be described as presents suitable for much older people. My husband delighted in the extremely long shoehorn, while I must admit I did find a few very useful items. I can pass other stuff on to my friends in the more appropriate age group.

The Vineyard Haven library announces the next in the series “Islanders Read the Classics.” The popular Professor Philip Weinstein will present a six-part seminar on Marcel Proust, which begins Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the Katharine Cornell Theatre. You should start reading  “Swann’s Way” now to prepare for the first two sessions: pp 1-160, pp 161-265, 545-606. He also recommends pp 266-410 (Random House/Modern Library edition). I guarantee you will find these free seminars are entertaining as well as educational.

A checkout credit card machine was acting up at a local market last week. The clerk noted that the machine was not working right. Someone else said it was the busiest week on the Island, and you could not blame the machines. People were getting tired of the crowds as well. Then the poor woman checking out cried, “You can’t blame me. We just got here yesterday.” Everyone present apologized very nicely and wished her a happy visit.

Happy anniversary wishes go out today to Anthony and Pamela Campagna. Congratulations to  David and Elizabeth Beim on Wednesday. Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to Sherm Goldstein on Saturday.

Heard on Main Street: Remember, life is what happens while you are making other plans.