Chronic illness and the embodied self

Dana Klepper-Smith will host a discussion about chronic illness and the embodied self. —Courtesy West Tisbury Library

On Wednesday, August 29, at 4:30 pm, the West Tisbury library will host a community discussion about chronic illness and the embodied self with Dana Klepper-Smith. According to a press release, his discussion will explore the role embodiment plays in traversing chronic illness, with a focus on Lyme disease. This program will be a place to share wisdom, to ask questions of each other and ourselves, and to root into the body. Guided embodiment practices will be interwoven through the discussion.

Some questions to consider include: How embodied are we in our daily lives? How can disconnect to our bodies reflect in disease? How can personal disease reflect in collective disease, and how can collective disease reflect in personal disease? How can disease deepen our embodied awareness? How can embodiment contribute to healing, and how can we reconnect with the healing impulse that is inherent in the body temple?

This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Dana Klepper-Smith is an artist, ritual theater performer, and certified kundalini yoga instructor. She is also the creator of MythDance, a movement and meditation modality which explores the union of embodiment and transcendence through the context of world mythology. Her personal journey with chronic illness has been both shadow and guide to deepen exploration of the inner realms, to activate healing potential, and to meet world and self with expanding awareness. Cultivating embodied awareness has been a golden thread woven through Klepper-Smith’s art, workshops, and personal journey, and she invites others to come dance!