Shun shines on the Vineyard

Charles Pinck is a seasonal resident of Chilmark. He lives in Washington, D.C. — Charles Pinck

Earlier this summer, Harvard professor and noted defense attorney Alan Dershowitz set off a national debate when he wrote an op-ed in The Hill claiming that he was being shunned from social gatherings on Martha’s Vineyard, where he is a seasonal resident in Chilmark.

Dershowitz, a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter, claimed he was getting the cold shoulder because he was going on cable networks defending President Donald Trump’s constitutional rights. We did an interview with Dershowitz, he gave a public talk about his new book, and there have been letters and op-eds reacting to his claims of being shunned.

Now comes Charles Pinck, a seasonal Chilmark resident, with his own spin on the summer of shun.



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