July 20, William D. Kirchick, trustee of Lighthouse Trust, sold a lot off Lighthouse Rd. to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $602,900.



July 16, Chrystal Angelini-Thomas sold 375 West Tisbury Rd. to Lloyd Daughtry and Janine Simon Daughtry for $870,000.

July 17, John S. Baker, trustee of the John S. Baker Trust February 13th 2004, sold a lot off Chappaquiddick Rd. to Marsh Hawk Land Trust Inc. for $2,160.

July 18, Barbara J. Guilfoile and Bernard Lebow sold 235 Meetinghouse Rd. to Gerald Atkinson and Joanne Silberg for $1,050,000.

July 18, Clinton P. Aldrich, trustee of the Family Trust under Article Fifth of the Edna Dora Aldrich RE, sold 1, 2, and 3 Hotel Ave. (Chappaquiddick) to Hotel Ave. LLC for $875,000.

July 20, Antonio G. Sucre sold Unit B, 21 North Summer Street, to Patricia J. Griesdorn, trustee of the Patricia J. Griesdorn 1996 Trust, for $2,100,000.

July 20, Kristina West and Matthew Thibert sold 31 Tenth St. South to Joseph M. and Lenore M. Tavares for $595,000.

July 20, 15 South Street MV LLC sold 15 South Street to Michael Fuller for $3,900,000.


Oak Bluffs

July 16, Vineyard Acres LLC sold 325 East Chop Drive to Maura A. Fredey for $1,775,000.

July 16, Robert Russell Everett and Gloria A. Everett sold 74 Columbian Ave. to Jiri Pavelka and Zaneta Pavelkova for $590,000.

July 18, Michael Perry and Audrey M. Perry, trustees of the Perry Realty Trust, sold 97 Pond View Drive to Leslie F. Griffin, Jr. and Lynette S. Glover for $775,000.



July 18, Robert and Bonni Dicarlo sold 112 West Spring Street to Miguel A. Guzman and Dana Guzman for $700,000.

July 19, Pieter Pil and Karen Casper sold 191 Lake Street to Robert and Bonni Dicarlo for $930,000.

July 20, Whitson Sadler sold 101 Passamaquoddy Ave. to Passamaquoddy LLC for $3,100,000.