Beating the heat: We offer our suggestions

Connor Hooper, visiting Martha's Vineyard from Braintree, does a backflip off Big Bridge, also known as "Jaws Bridge," in Edgartown. Jumping off the famous bridge, is an easy way too cool down on a hot day like today.

Sophia McCarron, our crackerjack intern, thought ahead when she saw today’s forecast. Her aging pooch, Maggie, wouldn’t do well at home in the sweltering heat so she asked permission to sit downstairs at the office and bring her good girl, who can no longer handle lots of stairs, along for the day.

Well, The Times is a notoriously dog-friendly environment and so any four-legged visitor is welcome.

It got us to thinking what are the best ways to beat the heat on Martha’s Vineyard.

Editor George Brennan suggests heading to your nearest library. They’re almost always air-conditioned, librarians are awesome resources, and there are stacks and stacks of entertaining books. “It’s probably a good day to stay away from those steamy romance novels, though,” he said.

Reporter Brian Dowd thinks browsing the shelves of Bunch of Grapes in Vineyard Haven is chill. “Cool temps and even cooler books,” he said. Careful, Brian, your bias is showing.

Another cool, and more objective idea from Brian is public skating at MV Ice Arena. There is some ice time on the schedule for tomorrow.

Actually, Brian had lots of ideas. (Are you getting any other work done, Brian?) He suggested Island Cove Adventures mini golf where some of the holes have mist umbrellas. Did we mention that George “Dad” Brennan won when we played our company tournament there earlier this summer?

Reporter Rich Saltzberg, as he was taking the fast ferry to New Bedford to attend today’s Steamship Authority board meeting, offered up Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury to cool off in a freshwater pond. “Seth’s has limited parking but you don’t have to trek out to the beach like Lambert’s Cove Beach,” he said.

Sophia also suggested a ride on an SSA ferry. Of course, that brings you to the even hotter mainland where today and tomorrow’s heat index tops 100. And intern Lucas Thors offers sitting on a jetty where the wind could whip up some cooling surf. Would that be with or without a fishing pole, Lucas?

Our proofreader and Oak Bluffs aficionado Barbara Davis offered up the plethora of ice cream shops in O.B. as a way to cool that core temperature. What? No individual preference, Barbara? It’s interesting to note that when photo editor Gabrielle Mannino cruised through Circuit Ave. looking for someone eating a cone, she came back with a real scoop. “It was dead,” she said. “No one was around.”

You can take care of the grocery shopping and stay cool, suggests Angela Prout. “Stop & Shop is freezing,” she said. And Danielle Zerbonne said if she can’t get to the beach swimming you’re likely to find her in the produce aisle, too. We’re guessing Cronig’s is pretty cold.

Along those same lines, Geoff Currier suggests going inside the cooler at Jim’s Package in O.B. Hey Geoff, while you’re in there, could you restock the Coors Light? They’re looking a little low.

Director Spike Lee stopped by the Strand Theater on Sunday night to surprise Film Society staff with an introduction of his new movie “BlacKkKlansman.”

And associate publisher Jamie Kageleiry offers up that timeless classic, the movie theater. Here’s a list of what’s playing. And you never know when you might meet a cool celebrity as a result. Spike Lee showed up at the Strand on Sunday to introduce “BlacKkKlansman” to the audience.