West Tisbury: National Dog Day


The cooler weather has been a blessing, especially at night. Nice to have windows open and to sleep with a blanket pulled up. Now if we could get a couple of days of steady rain to really soak into the ground.*

The pond is high on our morning walks, with not much beach to walk on. Still lots of beach treasures to find: empty crab shells with blue and orange claws strewn along the wrack line, striped stones, multicolored feathers, tennis balls left by some other dog owner. Nanuk swims way out, following us as we walk along the beach. Then she comes home and digs a hole to get to cool earth, ending up a muddy brown instead of a golden retriever.

I just read something online about it being National Dog Day, not that we need a reason other than love to feature our dogs every day. Nanuk, we are so grateful to have you. Thanks to Mari Harman every day for entrusting us with her dear dog.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend, supposedly the end of summer. It already seems a little quieter on the roads. The library will be closed on Monday for the holiday. We vote in the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 4, from 7 am to 8 pm at the Public Safety Building. School begins the same day. Summer friends are packing their houses up to return to wherever their regular lives are, leaving us here to begin ours again at a more normal pace.

My condolences to Linda Thompson and her family for the passing of Mark London. A memorial gathering is planned for Sunday, Sept. 9, at 1 pm, at the Chilmark Community Center.

A reminder that the Red Cross Blood Drive is this Friday, August 31, from 1 to 6 pm. It will be held at Alex’s Place at the YMCA. Call 800-RED-CROSS (733-2767) to schedule an appointment.

This Sunday is the last early-morning summer service at the Federated Church in Edgartown. Beginning next Sunday, Sept. 9, there will be one regular Sunday morning service, from 10:30 to 11:30 am.

At the West Tisbury library this week:

Thursday, August 30, 5 pm, Jennifer Tseng and T. Kira Madden will introduce their new book, “Go Home!”

Friday, August 31, the last Mac Help Desk of the season. Paul Levy, the Mac Pro, will be on hand between 10 am and noon.

Saturday, Sept. 1, 10 am to noon, a Rocket Building Workshop for kids and families will meet on the Children’s Room porch. Jim Kaplan will be at the library at 4 pm to speak about his latest book, a tribute to William Shakespeare’s play “King Lear.” His booklet is titled “The Greatness of King Lear: Its Language Captivates Us. Its Matchless Tragedy Speaks to Our Times.”

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 4:30 pm, architect Bruce MacNelly will present “Sacred Space: Architecture and Metaphor.”

Parsonage Pond is sporting a natural ruffle of white-flowered mallows defining its edge, a pretty sight for anyone walking or driving along State Road. The changing of colors is just becoming an announcement of what will come. September always feels so special here, the reward for having endured another hot, busy summer. Those changing colors provide an ongoing feast for the eyes, lasting late into the fall, golds and reds and purples, in contrast to the long gray season that is our usual spring.

Gardens are producing like mad. Since I didn’t grow one this summer, Mike and I are grateful recipients of bounty from our friends. Last night we went up to Sue Hruby’s for drinks and to spend time with her, Jared Hull, and our niece, Charlotte, who is visiting this week. We came home with a bag of the most delicious string beans for our supper. They were different varieties, slender green haricots vert, thick green ones, yellow, purple, and striped green-and-red ones. Perfect for my favorite summer meal, fresh beans and new potatoes. And perfect it was.


* As I am finishing writing this column, I heard a weather report for a return of hot, humid weather, predicted to be close to 100°. Ugh. All sunshine, with no rain in sight.