Eating on a Budget

Try this $3 recipe: Bread Pudding



The Vineyard specializes in gourmet and interesting foods. Culinary experiments are encouraged, if not demanded, especially in the summer. While restaurants strive to new heights, however, so do their prices. So here we’re going to take it back to simplicity. In the coming weeks we will be running a series of recipes for $5 or under per person. Priced locally, they are collected and made with the intention of being accessible to all Islanders. No caviar, no champagne. However, it will always be a healthy, nourishing meal. We want to hear from you. Have a three-ingredient recipe that your grandma would break out for every family cookout? A snack that the kids devour after practice? Are you up to your ears in kale, and need to eat it up somehow? We’ll take suggestions on recipes, ingredients to feature, or ways to make this series better serve the Island community. Let us know: Email


Note: This recipe is adapted from one by Alzina Pierce of the Bon Ton Restaurant, 401 Magazine St., New Orleans, Louisiana. This week I got the ingredients from Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven.



½ large loaf of white bread $3.49
1 quart milk $2.69
3 eggs $2.79
2 cups sugar $1.59
2 Tbsp. vanilla extract $5.59
1 pat butter

Preheat oven to 350°. Butter large ovenproof dish.

Soak bread in milk; crush with hands until well mixed. Add eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and stir well. Pour mixture into the buttered dish.

Bake for 45 minutes or until very firm. Let cool. Then, cube pudding and put in individual dessert dishes. Heat under broiler when ready to serve.


By the numbers

Total cost: $16.15
Servings: 6
Per head: $2.70