Holmes Hole races reach finish line


The final Thursday evening race for the Holmes Hole Sailing Association produced an unexpectedly sporty northeasterly breeze on August 30, making for a competitive and exhilarating trip around the harbor. Many positions were determined by a few seconds, and as the overall results for the season were to be determined on Sunday, the competition remained tight.

Julia Lee, a 21-foot Catboat owned and sailed by Woody Bowman, secured first place in the B Division on corrected time. Beck Colson’s Silhouette, a Nonsuch 26 sailed by his father, Wendell, was second, and Tamu, Tom Wescott’s dark green Alerion 28, came in third.

For the A Division on Thursday, Jerry Goodale, sailed Sienna, a Catalina 34, into the No. 1 position once again. Irving Gates was close behind aboard King Kiwi, a Sabre 38. Third place was taken by Artful Dodger, a Tartan 3500 belonging to Mike Powers.

The final day of the 2018 season was Sunday, Sept. 2. The weather, while beautiful to look at and great for swimming, was a sailing disappointment, with very light wind. The morning race was shortened for the seven participants. In the B Division, Penelope, an Alerion 28 skippered by Mo Flam, won over Alan Wilson’s Altius, a Stuart Knockabout. Tamu was third. Of the three participants in A Division, Adam Hayes sailed Bliss, a J35c, into first place, with Phil Hale’s Tango, another J Boat, a J100, in second. Sienna was third. With a wind speed of 5 mph, it took almost an hour to complete just one leg of the triangle.

A good turnout of 15 in the afternoon didn’t really help the fluky wind situation and, again, the race was shortened to just one trip around the harbor. The breeze went almost around the compass, at velocities varying from almost nothing to 8 or 9 mph at times.

Tango won the A Division, with Soma Holiday, a Hanse 335 sailed by Frank Sutula, edging out Bliss for the second spot by the tiny margin of three seconds.

Providence, Stuart Halpert’s Alerion 28, took the honors for the B Division, with two more Alerions in hot pursuit: Tamu came in second, and Penelope in third. All three finished within a minute of one another, despite the stop-and-go rhythm of the afternoon.

The overall standings for the season were determined on Sunday. Third place in the B Division was won by Mo Flam’s Penelope. Tamu, after a strong competition with Altius, was forced to take second, while Altius gained victory by just one point.

Jerry Goodale’s Sienna won the A Division for the season. Tango was close behind in the second slot, and Scheggia, a Brenta 38 belonging to Tim Gollin, was third.