September 13th, Orion Rising

By Rob Burnside

Every year, on this date, at 4:30 am

Orion the Hunter appears between

the second and third juniper tree

and I am here to greet him.

Alnitak. Alnilam. Mintaka.

In youth, he amazed me.

Son of Poseidon, who

enabled him to

walk on water.

Alnitak. Alnilam. Mintaka.

In middle age, he buffered me.

Born of Euryale, who

provided sustenance

in the game he chases.

Alnitak. Alnilam. Mintaka.

In impending old age, he worries me.

Will his belt soon fail him as mine

has failed me? This year,

will he wear suspenders?

By Rob Burnside

Rob Burnside, a yearly visitor to Edgartown, is a retired firefighter and published poet (chapbook “Falling Off the Bone” currently available on Amazon) from Kingston, Pa.